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All Hallow’s Eve

Boston for Halloween 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited.

Not only am I seeing friends, the bodster gets to come, and I finally get to experience New England in the fall! So three of my favorite things…

Forget the parties and boozing, it’s about the friendships that last years; the interstate relationships, the feeling when you finally get to hug your bestie and it feels like no time has passed.


this is what I plan to celebrate.

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Escapes from the City

Sometimes we just need a break from the city, we need a mini reprieve from the chaos that is city living.


Bodie and I shall be escaping to the burbs for a weekend to actually enjoy space; wide open spaces and breathing room away from being on top of one another as we are in the city.

It’s a way to search your soul for peace and harmony. To live a little more free and with being content in the moment.

The beauty of this escape is that it helps put me in the right mindset for a good week and it helps me to really understand that there is so much more than life than just the office and my routine.

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The Moments That Give You Life List

I think everyone needs to come up with a list of accomplishments they want to have checked off in their lifetime. It’s not a bucket list. It’s a list that gives you total freedom and exhilaration. The adventures and places that make your heart soar.


My list isn’t nearly complete but I have a few:

  1. Sky diving
  2. Riding horses in Mongolia
  3. Ski in the Alps (in all countries that the Alps sit- Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia) because why not?
  4. Climb Mount Fuji
  5. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  6. Ride a top level Spanish horse
  7. Climb to a base camp on Everest
  8. Parasail
  9. Paraglide
  10. Zip line through another rainforest
  11. See another active volcano
  12. Go on a real African safari
  13. Stay at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya
  14. See the Northern Lights in Finland
  15. Go to Moscow and St. Petersburg
  16. Go to Tibet
  17. Trek up in Sapa (Vietnam)
  18. Swim in the world’s largest pool in UAE
  19. Go to Machu Picchu
  20. See the salt flats in Bolivia
  21. Go to Malaysia
  22. Visit Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  23. Go to Australia- Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Darwin
  24. Visit all of New Zealand
  25. Go back to Ireland and ride more horses
  26. Buy land and build a horse barn/cabin on the land
  27. Rescue OTTB’s and start a baby horse
  28. Adopt unwanted puppies from either other countries or here in the states
  29. Run my own business
  30. Start my own business

The fun part of this list is that it’s only going to keep on growing and changing as I get older. Maybe some of these goals will change, but for now, this is what I what to do in the next five years.

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Autumn Hikes; tough to beat

Now that the weather is changing it’s the perfect time to get out and hike.

With views like this, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else to spend afternoons!

Bodie and I enjoy going to the Wissahickon trails and then celebrate with a hard earned cool-down and swim (well Bodie swims). With the changing of the leaves and cool breezes it’s gym pants and sweatshirt season.

It’s amazing to see we’re in the middle of the woods not more than 10 miles out of the city. It’s a haven and heaven away from the hectic life in the city. Between parking being tough in the city and traffic getting out there, the best time we like to go is on our weekends!


Bodie loves to get in the water, no matter what, it can be a mud puddle, a small creek, a lake, a stream, a slow moving river, or the ocean.

After hiking a solid five miles, Bodie was readily looking for a nice body of water to lay down in. His favorite way of cooling down, is to fully submerge himself in the water and then drinking to his heart’s content.

I never get enough of his antics and I’m so glad this little monster has improved my life a million times over, even with our bad days.



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Fall Detox; Mind, Body, and Soul

I firmly believe in the power of quarterly detoxes. They are not only good to set yourself straight, but they can help firm you back to reality. The needs vary from person to person, but I find that I have a set criteria for what helps bring me back.


For the mind: I find I need to unplug from the social media world. Set my phone on airplane mode and leave the world to do its own thing. I listen to music which calms my soul, it can vary from old country jams to some relaxing oceans waves hitting the shore, or just letting the music randomly shuffle. My mind unwinds with being able to just immerse myself in what is around me. I find myself happiest when I can do my own thing and not feel tied to someone else’s agenda. Maybe you wanna try hot yoga (let me tell you it’s body and mind- that heat, it’ll get to ya!), go try it!


For the body: That’s easy! It’s all about pampering yourself. Whether I opt for a bubble bath or a massage, I embrace the pampering. It’s all about how I can come back feeling refreshed and calm. Sometimes I give myself a manicure and pedicure with the oils and lotions and just total extravagance, but it’s worth it because it makes me feel good. It’s about grounding yourself back. Perhaps you wanna try a juice cleanse, go do it! I mean I would never… but to each their own!


For the soul: Well this can be a challenge. It can vary each season, it can vary on your mood. But I find that sometimes it’s a change of scenery for me that help me. Whether I go to the beach for the day with the pup or go hiking or drive to a new space, it’s about breathing in different air, it’s about getting into a new head space, it’s about finding more about yourself in the exploration of something new. Maybe you wanna go hike the highest mountain in your area, suck it up and try!


Stop reading this and get out there and do something for yourself!

Go do it.

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With Fall Comes, Festive Adventures

Imagine the scene below…

I’m not sure about the rest of the people out here, but I love camping. It’s one of my favorite activities, but in the fall, it’s the perfect time.

Having a roaring fire as you sit in cozy flannel bottoms, not too hot that you’re sweating and probably swearing about the heat, but perfect as the sun sets to want that little bit of warmth to wash over your skin.

In the morning, you wake up to dew on the top of your tent and a crisp freshness in the air. It’s a bit nippy still, so you need a light jacket on when you climb out of the tent. It’s the smell of gas as you cook breakfast on that flimsy Coleman stove.

For some reason, it always tastes better when you cooked it out in the woods.

Tell me now, did it speak to you? Did it light a fire in you to experience this firsthand?


If it did, my story telling has compelled you into one of the best experiences in the world. If not, perhaps I need to go back out and attempt to recapture that feeling which lives in my soul.

If you are inspired, take care to make sure you’re prepared when you go (if it’s your first time), and make sure you make it a positive experience rather than one that leaves a wet taste in your mouth.

Here are a few Buzzfeed articles on, camping comfort, safety, and just cozy add-ons (although some I think are a bit nuts), that will help you feel most aptly armed for a good time!

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Labor Day; A History Revisited

Labor Day stems from our history in the last 19th century. It came to be as trade unions and labor movements became popular and people wanted to celebrate the labor.happy-labor-day-pictures-4

It also marks our unofficial end of summer, most students go back to school before or around Labor Day. Vacations are taken around this time, and sports are starting their seasons again.

More than that though, Labor Day brings us our big shopping sales, some of the most prevalent are Macy’s, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, and more. Most big stores start to promote their sales even now (a few days beforehand) to get the most shoppers.

Get shopping while the shopping is good! Good luck to everyone out there! 🙂

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It’s Love; in the way that takes over your brain

The best 5 days of my life just passed. I can’t even truly begin to express the happiness I felt while I was there. Yes, the first few days were a little lonely and tough, but then I realized I wanted more. More from myself. More laughing. More smiling. More people. More.


It’s all thanks to Liz who pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me go line dance. Totally solo and just have fun. She helped me to see that I can take on the world and be absolutely fearless. Because of her, my trip took a much more fun and adventurous turn. I no longer cared about being self-conscious, I was just going to be my bubbly, goofy side, and let the chips fall where they would. There wasn’t going to be anything holding me back from having the best time of my life.

So I did it. I put my big girl pants on and went out to the city. I’m glad I spent time with my new hostel friends, we went bar hopping and thanks to them, I got some courage. The inherent fear to make a fool of yourself tends to make you worry about what other people are thinking of you, but by the end of it, I had gotten the attention of the lead singer (oh what a time that was!) and got to chat with him which was really fun. I got to meet and talk to the other bands coming in and they’re just so friendly and sweet.IMG_3138

It’s not hard to make friends in Nashville. Everyone will talk to you. Everyone will be friendly and approachable. Yes there are those who are going to hit on you and be gross, but it’s hard to not feel the pull of the friendliness of everyone. You find yourself starting conversations rather than waiting for someone else to speak to you first.

I came to this town knowing no one, and I left with plenty of new friends; from the states and abroad. I left with plenty of contacts to when I get down there. I left with so much more love in my heart than I thought possible.


So Smashville, hold onto my heart because I’ve left it with you and I’m coming home for it. Soon! ❤

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Back to Philly, But I’ve Left My Heart

I’m back to the city of Brotherly Love and I can’t help but feel completely suffocated and stuck here. I have completely lost all affection for this city and I’ve left my heart in Nashville. A place of beauty and happiness.

Where people are happy to see you and want to talk with you. They’re friendly and kind. They’re easy to start a conversation with and easy to laugh with. IMG_3124

When I stepped of the plane last night, it took all my willpower and not book a one way ticket right back and say, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake leaving in the first place.” I truly felt a knot in my  stomach as I got closer and closer to my place. Yes, I missed my apartment, but the hole I feel in my heart to Nashville is tenfold bigger.

I feel lost and confused. I loved everything about that humid, hot, and crazy town. I’ve fallen so madly in love, I can feel my heart breaking with each passing beat.


That’s the kind of love I want in my life and I know I’ll find the love story for the century in Nashville.


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Happy 4th of July

For the first time in 8 years I’m not celebrating in Philly. I ventured down to Nashville for the most amazing 5 days of my life (I hope).

While I’m sad I missed my 5th 4th of July with my pants, I’m thrilled I got to celebrate with new friends! (I hope)


Here’s to being able to share pics once I get back! But for now, enjoy pics from 2013.