About Me

As a young child, I’ve always had travel in my blood. More than that, I’ve had a love and desire to see the world because it’s part of who I am. I’m from a mixing bowl of heritage and I feel it only fit to see every aspect of me.

I’ve found over the years people like to put me in a box. They like to see one side of me and somehow they think they know me. They think because I’m friendly and bubbly, I shouldn’t be taken seriously. They think because I’m petite, I’m “cute.” They think because I take the time to talk to people, I like everyone. They think I fit in perfectly crafted boxes. They also underestimate me. A lot of people seem to think I don’t have what it takes, in many forms. They think I’m not as strong as I am. They think I’m not as well versed to the world. They think I’m not as smart as others.


But I can promise you this. None of that is true. Just because I look one way, doesn’t define me. I define myself. And believe when I say, when it comes down to survival, I’ll fight til the end. I’ll protect any and everyone near and dear to my heart. I’m a fighter, survivor, and most of all, a creator. But just because this is an aspect of me, don’t think you know me. There are so many layers…. but aren’t there for everyone?

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