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Thank You to Hillary for Inspiring Our Generation

I tend to not get political because it seems fruitless at times but I believe I need to say my piece. While many of us, about half our nation, are heartbroken and devastated about the outcome of this election, now is the time that we choose to band together and unite as a nation of oneness while embracing our roots and foundation of who we are today. Yes it’s easy, far too easy, to point fingers and place blame on others but we are better than this. We are a country of people who have had a fire lit inside us all. A cause greater than ourselves and a reason for us to start taking steps into creating a stronger nation. If we want to see changes, WE must be the changes. We must heed the wise words of two of our nation’s most powerful, influential, and inspiring women, our First Lady Michelle Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

We must always go high, and we must always not lose sight of our dreams.

I know we’re floored by this loss but perhaps this is the wake up call our generation needed to understand we have made SO much progress but there is still so much more left to do. Perhaps now our voices will come together and fight for the equality of the world we need. Perhaps Hillary losing is the spark we needed to see all the things past generations have fought so hard for aren’t our given right but rather fights we haven’t had to be in. We will now fight harder to keep our bodies our own, to hold people accountable for their actions- no matter their gender, race, religion, or any other dividing quality. We need to be kinder now than ever before and we need to pull together. 
We’re stronger together and we’ve only just begun. 

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