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Loving yourself is the hardest but greatest achievement of this life

“they always told me
i would go somewhere
and i would fall in love.

what they didn’t know
was that i would go far
and i would fall in love with myself.”

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in drinking the kool-aid and feeling like you’re falling behind at times when everyone else is getting engaged and married and you’re like a bump on a log thinking “what am I doing wrong?” The answer is NOTHING. Don’t drink the damn kool-aid. Be a young, adventurous, single, brave, independent adult.

Too often do we get stuck in thinking we have to do what everyone else is doing around us. I think we all need to stick to our own timelines, do things that make our heart beat a little faster and make us smile a little bigger.


I am wholly in love with the idea of loving myself first that when people meet me, they can’t help but be attracted because I’m so in love with my own life, I don’t need anyone to complete it; just enhance it a little with their own flair.

I shouldn’t be completely anyone else nor should they be for me. I want someone who’s going to stand beside me but call me out when I’m over the line. Someone who’s going to make me laugh but laugh at me when it’s called for. Someone who’s going to drive me up a wall for the stupidest reasons but every night still wanna cuddle with me. But I don’t need someone who’s going to make my life perfect, or someone who’s going to fix all the problems, or fix me, or someone who’s going to be my “knight in shining armor,” please son, I am a badass princess who can fix her own life. I don’t need someone who wants to control me or teach me their way is better. I complete my own life.

Raise your standards girl. Raise yourself. Raise the bar so high because the right guy will find a way to get there and beyond.

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