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About That….

I hate admitting it. I hate conceding. But here is it. Truth bomb time; your mom is ALWAYS right…

At least in the game of romantics, she’s right. Maybe you should try that new hair trend (but that’s on you!).

Hear me out. Every girl has heard in her life, by her mom,

“If he’s interested, you’ll know” or a variation of that; “If he’s into you, he’ll find a way to get in touch with you.” “You won’t have to wonder if he’s into you.”

It kills me a little to admit how true this is though. I laugh because while I was in Nashville, I met a guy who lives in Florida. Since July, we’ve talked on and off, with jokes about making plans, but this proves that point these women of age know.. if he’s interested to ANY degree, he’ll find a way to get in touch with you/keep in touch with you.

If you reach out to him more than he reaches out to you, please stop. You are not desperate. You are not needy. You do not need HIM. There are so many quotes and sayings about not being someone else’s option, and it’s true. You have so much worth and value past being with someone who is already showing they won’t treat you right.


If he flips a switch to bring you back, you make him WORK. Don’t devalue yourself for the sake of “wanting someone.” Don’t let yourself get swept away with beautiful, hollow words. Create standards and hold everyone to them. If they don’t come through, they’re not right for you.

If he likes you, he’s going to make an effort. Don’t let yourself think otherwise.


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