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Breaking down the odds, 40% I’d date him. 60% says I shouldn’t. But why not?

He’s good looking, sweet, smart, funny, and thoughtful.

When I weigh and pros and cons, well I’m just going with the flow. He says he doesn’t want a relationship but he’s going out on dates with me. See here’s how different he and I already are. When I didn’t want a relationship, I didn’t date anyone. And I definitely didn’t go on multiple dates with someone.


But here’s the think, I’m a hypocrite. I tell my friend that if he’s interested, he’ll make an effort. My guy friends tell me if the guy is interested, he’ll reach out. And yet, for a few days I was the one trying… well here’s that 60% that is coming up over and over, I’m taking a step back and not texting him. I have better things to do with my time than wait around for him, and if he does come around… he’ll have to work at it.

Here’s to doing you.

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