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Here’s to trying something new

I believe firmly in the way of living to enrich the lives of others around us and not just taking. In an effort to start living what I’m preaching, I joined Learning Ally to volunteer my time to helping create audiobooks for various books; textbooks, novels, etc to those who are visually impaired or have dyslexia. I happened to meet some people who work for the organization when I was walking Bodie down the river and saw a very well-behaved lab and a woman holding a harness.

After a quick chat with them, I then learned about what Learning Ally does and told them I would love to volunteer. So I’ve signed up, and just got approved. Have to get the training and then it’s off to go change some lives!


It can be tough to find something that thrills you to want to do what you can to improve someone else’s life, but when you find that spark, follow it.

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