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Irony and Serendipity

I have to share this story, for a variety of reasons, but the best one being that I have been on this roll of being single and LOVING it. So go figure, once I’m at this point where I’m happy, content, and understanding of being single, I find myself here.


First; there is a guy who I happen to know, through a common link of a fur baby. I also need to preface this story with the fact that I never once gave an inclination or nudge toward more than friends. But I digress…

So in the recent weeks, he’s been much more forward in the land of entering my personal bubble and it’s not welcomed or appreciated. Every weekend, it would start with a text about getting food together which was never going to happen for a number of reasons, but the primary being I wasn’t interested in anything that could be construed as a date….

Finally after enough run-ins with other circumstances than him directly, he texted me and asked if I was mad at him. To which the obvious answer was no, since I wasn’t. It was the fur baby being bad, and stress at work and me wanting to just be on my own.


It all comes to a head when he’s texting me after I say I’m out of city and have brunch plans, with him going out on a limb and pretty much asking me out on a date… to which I had no idea how to respond without being a little too direct. I ended up at brunch with my friend and we discussed the best way to remedy the situation. A response was needed, but I had to think about how to word it. I couldn’t just slay this poor guy but I had to put the friendship at stake. It was either, I’m your friend and that’s it or we’re just not friends.

After I responded, I got a response hours later to which he claims he feels the same way “that he sees me as a friend, but was confused because we had gone from being ‘close’ to not close in the span of two days…” uh first, bruh, we aren’t close. We’re people who happen to have a link, which are our fur babies. We’re not people who go out for drinks together. Sure, I asked him if he wanted to take the dogs to the beach, but there was no romantic gesture tied in. I just wanted company one day for the beach. We’re not people who go out to dinner and get drinks, we’re not people who hang out one-on-one, it’s just not what this dynamic is. So to me, if we’re close,  I talk to you about my life in a deep way, we hug, we laugh, we cry, we share our stories, and shed tears together. My people have seen me through some shitty lows and amazing highs, but my people are who I call my family.


We were not close. But the irony of this all, is since this encounter, almost a week ago, when I saw him this week, he was a massive dick. So I guess there goes the prospect of friendship… all because his ego couldn’t handle it? I never gave a sign to make a move.


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