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Coming Together

Today marks the 29th birthday of my brother, amazing to think he’s one year away from the big 3-0. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve gotten closer, but we very much grew up with a typical sibling rivalry. Between wanting our parent’s attention and one upping each other, we’ve never really been friends.

As we age though, I see the similarities we have each other are becoming more and more clear. We were in fact raised by the same parents, and while we each take after a little more of each respective parent, we’re creating our own relationship as two adults who can peacefully coexist.


So for anyone out there who despairs over not having a close relationship, fret not because you gotta put in the time. I’ve learned that sometimes I have to push harder than I thought to get a little ground, but when I get through, that is the greatest feeling. It’s creating a friendship and relationship that only a sibling can have with another.



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