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Bodie Barks emBarks to the Beach

Beach trips are a highlight for everybody… just ask a friend.

Somer’s Point

Now I love the beach. And I love my dog. I’ve had the hardest time combining the two, and then I learned about Somer’s Point, a beach south of Atlantic City. It’s an off-leash dog beach, and it’s absolutely paradisical!

The first time we stepped on the beach, Bodie took off to the waves and jumped right in. I walked miles that first day with Bodie, working on his recall and obedience with so many things going on and surprisingly he was very good (I think partially since he was worried I’d leave him) and didn’t stop for a second while we were there.

I like to think I give the best life I can to Bodie considering we live in the city and he doesn’t get to be as free as he likes and was as a puppy.

After learning Somer’s Point was in fact much closer than I had thought, we make a weekly trek out there for a few hours of fun in the sun.


Seeing Bodie frolick and love life makes my days better and the fact that he does in fact have a pretty awesome life makes my life better.

Of course after we get home from the sandy shore, we need a bath. Bodie has learned that post beach days, he’s immediately sent to the tub for a quick spa day.

img_4323Resigned to his fate, Bodie uses the power of the puppy eyes to try to sway me from soaping him up and scrubbing him down.

Unfortunately for him, I’m unswayed and the bath continues.

Another one of his positive qualities, he’s really easy to bathe. He doesn’t try to jump out of the tub and will sit there and let you soap him up and rinse him off without much fight.

Bodie’s adventures are just beginning. Soon we’ll be taking the South by storm and shaking it up, more to come on those details!


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