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Autumn Hikes; tough to beat

Now that the weather is changing it’s the perfect time to get out and hike.

With views like this, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else to spend afternoons!

Bodie and I enjoy going to the Wissahickon trails and then celebrate with a hard earned cool-down and swim (well Bodie swims). With the changing of the leaves and cool breezes it’s gym pants and sweatshirt season.

It’s amazing to see we’re in the middle of the woods not more than 10 miles out of the city. It’s a haven and heaven away from the hectic life in the city. Between parking being tough in the city and traffic getting out there, the best time we like to go is on our weekends!


Bodie loves to get in the water, no matter what, it can be a mud puddle, a small creek, a lake, a stream, a slow moving river, or the ocean.

After hiking a solid five miles, Bodie was readily looking for a nice body of water to lay down in. His favorite way of cooling down, is to fully submerge himself in the water and then drinking to his heart’s content.

I never get enough of his antics and I’m so glad this little monster has improved my life a million times over, even with our bad days.




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