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Fall Detox; Mind, Body, and Soul

I firmly believe in the power of quarterly detoxes. They are not only good to set yourself straight, but they can help firm you back to reality. The needs vary from person to person, but I find that I have a set criteria for what helps bring me back.


For the mind: I find I need to unplug from the social media world. Set my phone on airplane mode and leave the world to do its own thing. I listen to music which calms my soul, it can vary from old country jams to some relaxing oceans waves hitting the shore, or just letting the music randomly shuffle. My mind unwinds with being able to just immerse myself in what is around me. I find myself happiest when I can do my own thing and not feel tied to someone else’s agenda. Maybe you wanna try hot yoga (let me tell you it’s body and mind- that heat, it’ll get to ya!), go try it!


For the body: That’s easy! It’s all about pampering yourself. Whether I opt for a bubble bath or a massage, I embrace the pampering. It’s all about how I can come back feeling refreshed and calm. Sometimes I give myself a manicure and pedicure with the oils and lotions and just total extravagance, but it’s worth it because it makes me feel good. It’s about grounding yourself back. Perhaps you wanna try a juice cleanse, go do it! I mean I would never… but to each their own!


For the soul: Well this can be a challenge. It can vary each season, it can vary on your mood. But I find that sometimes it’s a change of scenery for me that help me. Whether I go to the beach for the day with the pup or go hiking or drive to a new space, it’s about breathing in different air, it’s about getting into a new head space, it’s about finding more about yourself in the exploration of something new. Maybe you wanna go hike the highest mountain in your area, suck it up and try!


Stop reading this and get out there and do something for yourself!

Go do it.


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