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Cleaning Your Car…. oh Good Luck

Cleaning your car is always a fun task, not only are you cleaning the outside, you need to clean the inside (which is the equivalent of cleaning your soul- but maybe that’s just me), vacuum, dust, and then leave it a little neater than before.

My system generally is just to dust the car using Armor-All, windex the inside of the windows, followed by a deep vacuum of the entire car. It’s not that time consuming, unless you plan it wrong, but it’s a good way to detox your car as well of old trash and food which falls through the cracks…

Buzzfeed offers, on occasion, some useful tips and tricks to organizing which I enlist to add to my weekly cleaning routine. A few which I do keep handy are: using file folders to keep records of various bills/car records/work records/medical files (both human and pet)/old keepsakes/anything else close at hand and easily accessible. I also keep a file of my car records in my dashboard. Not only with a copy of my current insurance, but also my registration and any other documents I’ll need in an emergency.

I personally also keep wipes on hand for when I’m stuck in traffic and have time to do a quick wipe down of my dash and anything else close to hand. I keep a plastic bag around the gear shift/shift knob for a handy trash can, but I do need to update it to something a little less unsightly!

Check back for some more fall tips!


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