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9/11; 15 years later

Hard to believe that we’ve seen 15 years pass since the fateful day where so many lives where lost between NYC, DC, and that field in PA. Our military and first responders made impacts of countless lives and put the greater good of our people before their own fears.


In a world where social media dominates the news, it’s hard to always see the good in a world that seems to be covered in bad, but life truly is not as bad as we seem to think it is. Terrible injustices are happening, but at the same time, we’re seeing people come together and restoring faith in humanity. It’s amazing how far one positive gesture can go, who it can affect, and how easy it is to choose to be nice rather than hateful.

I know I’ve changed so much in the last 15 years, I passed through the awkward teen years, and made it to adulthood with no real problems other than figuring out this life called “adulthood.” But each year 9/11 passes by, I take the time to pause and remember how easily my dad could have lost his life.

What people don’t know about the Pentagon is the wing which was hit, was relatively unoccupied since renovations had been wrapping up. Had the plane hit any other side of the Pentagon, there would have been immeasurably more casualties. My dad and his team were supposed to have relocated to the new wing, and I am so thankful each and every day they had not moved because I could be writing a very different reflection here today.

Today is a day of reflection and memory, but rather than letting ourselves be filled with hate, we should all take today as a reminder of the amazing people who sacrificed their lives to make our nation stronger, to remember those who lost their lives in utter panic and chaos, and let’s choose to hug our loved ones a little tighter.


We’ll never forget, but we’re always stronger together. Let us never forget that.



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