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Fall…. in a deep clean routine

As someone who enjoys the fall for so many reasons, another reason that always bring a smile to my face is that it’s time for a deep clean of your house!

I love it for a variety of reasons; from cleaning out your closet to purging your life of unused and unnecessary objects which take up space in your life, from donating your loved favorites to someone in need to revamping your favorites for another season or year.

I love getting to go through my old junk, collections, amassed so-called belongings, and seeing what still speaks to my soul.

I love being able to create a new system of organization and order in my place so when I need something I know where it is. I’ve also started on this new kick of a few things; one where I can I reuse any and all storage I have. “Waste not, want not.” I recently just bought 6 reusable glass bottles, and while 1 arrived broken, the other 5 are in perfect shape. I plan to put them to use with one being an everyday bottle for me, but also to store iced tea, iced coffee, juices, and more. They’re great because I don’t feel like I’m wasting more and more plastic bottles.

I recently just cleaned my linen closet, it went from being random items thrown in boxes and containers into clearly labeled mecca of organization!

Once you start a routine of clean, it’s so easy to keep it up. The hardest part is getting the motivation to start but once you get rolling, you see it’s so simple to throw things you don’t use away. To maintain the items that are the most value to you and your everyday life and creating a system where ease is the highest priority!


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