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Following Your Heart, Easier Said Than Done

Of course, we all want to believe in the fairy tale love. Someone will walk into our lives and it’ll be like they were meant to be there. No doubts. No questions. No fear. Nothing but true love. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I know for myself personally, I found a guy who I very well think, could be the one.IMG_3335

But for once, I haven’t told many people about him. He doesn’t come up in conversation, one because it’s not defined what this is; we met so randomly and just kinda are taking it day by day. But he’s the highlight to my days. He makes me smile and can reassure me as no one has before. And while, part of me is so ready to just completely dive in to this, the part of me that has been hurt, burned, bruised, and broken, says to hold back. Play it slow for once and let things develop on an organic level. My heart is so ready to just jump on a plane and say let’s do it. My brain is a little slower and says, ease into this one. He could be your person, but don’t rush it. Let him chase you.

IMG_3279My heart wants to throw caution to the wind. It recalls the gentleness of his first kiss to me. The way his hands, strong and rough, so sweetly held me. With each passing day, I feel my heart get a little more attached. To an idea of a man, perhaps? To an idea of love? To the actual man who I haven’t seen in three weeks? All speculative, but my heart keeps pulling me to him. It’s funny how a single phone call can reassure my heart. I hear his voice and I know I’m making the right decision and he’s someone I need to learn more about to know if he’s the right person. But here’s the other question, how will I be different this time? How will I make this relationship work like none have before? In a phone call, my heart could rest easy, the joking was there, the familiarity was there, the home feeling was there, the rightness was there.


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