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How You Know It’s Time To Go

When you walk through the familiar areas of your city and feel stuck. The city somehow feels so small. You’ve walked down every street backwards and forwards, nothing surprises you anymore. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic yet, but the walls are moving in. It’s the feeling of knowing your shoes are a little too tight. Your dress once fitting perfectly, is highlighting parts you don’t want to see. It’s knowing your time is quickly ending.


It’s knowing you’ve learned all you can from the people of the city. It no longer works for you to stay complacent in a place where you have no desire to put down roots. Perhaps where you go next, won’t be either, but you’ll never know until you try.

It’s when you feel you’re stuck in a place because it’s comfortable. No longer are you challenging yourself to be bigger and better. Your dreams aren’t being achieved. You’re waiting for the spark, but you know it’s not going to emerge here. You’re holding yourself back, so now’s the time. To spread your wings and trust yourself to amaze the world. To be brave, take that leap and show everyone just how ready you are to take on the world.


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