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Deal breakers… I guess sometimes with the right person, they vanish

If someone told me, I’d fall for a guy so different from what I’ve known all my life, I would have laughed. Not because I think it wouldn’t happen, but because it’s what I never knew I always wanted. It’s the fact that in a single passing moment, I caught his eye, and I felt the pull to go back to him. It’s the fact that once we started talking, I could feel I found my home. It’s the feeling that my heart sang again and was pulled to this man who potentially could be everything.



It’s ironic too, since a friend came to visit, when we were talking about how he knew his lady was his, he simply said, ‘I just knew’ and that’s what I felt. I never thought I’d have the immediate instinct to call someone home, but here I am, ready to fall for a guy who potentially can also break my heart yet again.

Am I ready for this? Oh hell no. But am I willing to give it a go? Hell yes. I have a pull to his soul, his being, and his presence. I don’t wanna look back on anything else in my life and think, ‘I wish I did it differently.’ I’m ready to completely open my heart to this and give it a fair shake.

If someone told me, I’d disregard all the other things I once labeled deal breakers to me, I would’ve laughed. But here I am, not shying away from what I used to throw away. Tattoos- never thought they’d do it for me. But I’m dying to skim my fingers across them, to learn each one by heart. A fighter- never thought I’d be able to watch a fight and not be scared for him. Which I believe I still will be in person but hell, I’d be thrilled to be there cheering for him and standing by his side.


I mean the questions are endless, but then I think back to how he makes me feel, and THAT makes me forget about my doubts. I feel like I found home with him and that’s the feeling I want to keep. I want to see it through and learn about him.


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