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The Whirlwind of a Romance with a City

Call me jaded, call me cynical, but as soon as I walked through Smashville, my heart felt something it’s missed for years. It felt at peace. It felt serenity wash over my soul. I haven’t felt a sense of belonging in years, since Ireland. But the pull to this city, it’s undeniable.


It’s the same inexplicable pull I have to this person. I’ve only felt it twice. The foundational fascination with each other. And here we go again, we’re on the up of this rollercoaster that is my life, but I’m ready for the ride of a lifetime. My heart, it jumped, it fluttered, it felt alive again when I saw his name pop up. It wasn’t just me thinking we had this connection. He felt it too. He missed me. Of course, part of me is oh so hesitant and afraid, but part of me (for once) wants to just jump in with no care in the world. I wanna do it right. I wanna know that this spark and immediate attraction isn’t just a fleeting ember of excitement. I want to know and believe in the power of an other half, a soulmate, a partner for better and for worse, someone who you can laugh with but still fall for each day, someone who challenges you to be better every day, and someone who’s going to have your back.


I want it all and I think I can have it all with him.


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