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Big Love

IMG_3171If you said, at 25, I’d have my eyes opened to “lovin’ big” again, I would’ve laughed you to next Tuesday. I wouldn’t have thought that I could have my eyes opened to the love I always imagined as a kid. I wouldn’t have thought another blue-eyed man would enter my life and give my heart another spark.

Two sparks in a short life of love, but the spark could start a wildfire. It could take down an empire and run even more. That spark is what my heart sang for, cried for, lived for, and has found again. I never would’ve thought I’d be here, in this place in my life, finally understanding the decisions we make or don’t make, end up defining us anyway.IMG_3140


As much as I’d like to pretend that my goal in life is to be so financially stable, I’d take a spark and fiery love with my best friend over a loveless or temperable life. I’ll take the passion and excitement over the boring but stable. My life is much too precious to waste for someone who won’t appreciate all that I bring to the world and to a relationship. 

I think I’m starting to figure it all out; but that’s not to say I have all the answers yet. I’m starting to set my standards and I’m sticking to them. I’m creating a path which is my guide to living the best life I can possibly live.



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