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It’s Love; in the way that takes over your brain

The best 5 days of my life just passed. I can’t even truly begin to express the happiness I felt while I was there. Yes, the first few days were a little lonely and tough, but then I realized I wanted more. More from myself. More laughing. More smiling. More people. More.


It’s all thanks to Liz who pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me go line dance. Totally solo and just have fun. She helped me to see that I can take on the world and be absolutely fearless. Because of her, my trip took a much more fun and adventurous turn. I no longer cared about being self-conscious, I was just going to be my bubbly, goofy side, and let the chips fall where they would. There wasn’t going to be anything holding me back from having the best time of my life.

So I did it. I put my big girl pants on and went out to the city. I’m glad I spent time with my new hostel friends, we went bar hopping and thanks to them, I got some courage. The inherent fear to make a fool of yourself tends to make you worry about what other people are thinking of you, but by the end of it, I had gotten the attention of the lead singer (oh what a time that was!) and got to chat with him which was really fun. I got to meet and talk to the other bands coming in and they’re just so friendly and sweet.IMG_3138

It’s not hard to make friends in Nashville. Everyone will talk to you. Everyone will be friendly and approachable. Yes there are those who are going to hit on you and be gross, but it’s hard to not feel the pull of the friendliness of everyone. You find yourself starting conversations rather than waiting for someone else to speak to you first.

I came to this town knowing no one, and I left with plenty of new friends; from the states and abroad. I left with plenty of contacts to when I get down there. I left with so much more love in my heart than I thought possible.


So Smashville, hold onto my heart because I’ve left it with you and I’m coming home for it. Soon! ❤


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