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Penny For My Thoughts.. Oh No I’ll Sell Them For a Dollar…

If you asked me who I’d be at 25, I would have said, I’d had it all figured out, but as I’ve come to see life is just beginning. I realize there is no statute of limitations for making mistakes, but I hope that I can make different mistakes rather than making the same mistake over and over and expecting something different.


I was caught in a situation recently where I could potentially become THAT woman, and I don’t owe it to anyone to be the bigger person, but here I was. In a place where I could do what I wanted and not feel bad, but adult me knows better. College me would’ve said ‘why not play on that line and see? What’s the harm,’ college me would think. ‘Why not do what I want?’ But adult me says, ‘don’t be that person. Don’t ruin her heart because you want to play with another’s heart. Because it’s not his heart that’s going to be broken or crushed. It’s hers. It’s going to make her lose trust in a man, because he let the game happen, but YOU were the catalyst. It’s going to leave a bad taste in her mouth and it’ll be because you were selfish.’ I owe it to this girl who will never meet me or know who I am, but I owe it to her to not be the woman who steals her man with no intention to do anything with it.


It’s not a game. As much as we live in these bubble thinking there are no consequences for our actions, there comes a time when we learn that lesson hard.


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