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Kick Back and Relax, Girl, You do You

If you asked me 6 months ago, if I could do casual and walk away without too many tears, I would’ve laughed. If you asked me if I could not care about someone, I’d have choked. If you asked me if I could finally feel free and happy with my life, I’d have scoffed because I thought my life was going how I had “planned” it.


It’s funny how life truly works in mysterious ways.  It reconnects you to people of your past in the funniest of ways. It makes you think twice on everything you know and thought you understood, but most of all, it makes you grow. Sometimes, as cliched as it sounds, we need to look within and make decisions for ourselves rather than because we think we should sacrifice for someone else.

I never thought I’d find something so relatable, but this quote (to the left) sums up how I feel this relationship ended.

So I guess the new mantra; live for me not for anyone else; choose what makes me happy not because someone else says so; decide on what my heart wants not what I feel I obligated to do.


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