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To Your Haters

Don’t let those who are envious of you shower you in their hate. You’re strong and you’re a survivor. You made it to today and you’re here. Some days just getting out of bed is victory enough.


As a woman, all too often I see other women cutting another down, or being petty, or excluding. The behaviors of juvenile children. Not grown women who should all be coming together in solidarity as women around the world. There shouldn’t be any war between women, when the far greater war is for equality with men for the jobs we both do. No woman should ever feel torn down by another, or mocked and ridiculed, or excluded because we should build each other up. We should want to see women take over the corporate world, the executive suites, the CEO’s, and the head honchos. Women need to pull together and make the changes to the world to better society. We can’t do anything if we’re too busy clawing it out with our fellow comrades.


Don’t be THAT girl/woman/lady, the one who steals men for her ego, the one who thinks she’s better and can do what she wants with no consequence. Be responsible. Be forceful. Be strong. But don’t step on your fellow femmes to do the job.
We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. I believe the sooner we all see our own character as a strength rather than something to wish we would change, we can come together and celebrate our differences as the strongest part of our army.


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