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Communication…. It really is key to a successful relationship

So many people will talk about all the aspects you need for a successful relationship, but I believe, it always boils down to communication. There are so many different communication styles, it’s partially learning what your partner’s is. But also, it’s about your style as well. Communication and your expectation of what a partner needs to give you is a bit part of making a relationship work. Do you expect to talk all day long over the small stuff and then talk big when you’re together? Do you talk all day over texts and get deep but then in person don’t have much to say?


Can you joke around while still having respect for each other? Do you fight together rather than fighting each other? I believe the best part of a relationship is the companionship and the attachment to one another. The fact that it’s you two taking on the world, together. Yes behind closed doors maybe you two will be on opposing sides, but to the world it’s a united front.

Being happy and in love takes so so so much work. Pity to all the people who believe love happens in a flash. Pity to the romantics who blindly follow their “crush” and don’t understand that life is not as easy as we think it is as a child. We’re so bright and happy and unbreakable, but then after the first heartbreak we lose a little of ourselves without realizing it. Each time we lose a part of our hearts we build a little more of a wall. IMG_1074To keep the people out, to keep what remains of our heart intact, to pretend we don’t care. As a result, we forget how to open ourselves up and play the game of caring less to keep the power.


I can’t stress enough how important open communication needs to be in any type of relationship and it’s gotta jive with both people. So here’s to letting down walls and falling for someone!


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