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To the random strangers who can make your day

Sometimes an offhand compliment is all that’s needed to change someone’s day.  It’s the compliment to someone about how what they’re wearing caught your eye. It can be the shoes, or the dress, or those earrings, or even just the way they’re carrying themselves.


We don’t know each other’s’ stories, for all we know, they could be having a terrible month and just wanted to do something for themselves. Let their effort be noticed and applauded. I walk down the streets of Philadelphia and all too often I see everyone looking down at their phones and ignoring the world around them. It’s such a shame because there is so much to be noticed in the day to day. Granted, I’m not immune to this criticism, I’m all too often guilty of listening to music and tuning the world out, but I always keep my eyes up and I make eye contact with those around me. I take in the world and I enjoy myself as I can. But a lot gets lost at times, I tend to ignore people if they try to talk me to as a result, but when the headphones are out, it’s amazing how often you can strike up a conversation.
So here’s to making friends out of strangers and making someone’s day! Go forth and notice the world.


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