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Happy Birthday Pants! <3

Today marks the day one of my favorite people was born today.


Rachel “Pants**” Bower. ** actual given middle name. Going on four years of friendship, two years of living together, and of course being a sister. I’m damn lucky and proud to have this girl in my life! ❤

From a shared love of country music, to the flyers, to laughing at people (in a nice way), to spending quality time together, Pants is one of my favorite people around. So pants, here’s to a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 24th birthday! I love you!! 10390032_4394410538111_6433560852247562321_n

1059866_2933542857332_579112346_n We’ve celebrated countless patriotic holidays together and10384987_3484513551255_1273825325_n while this is the first year we won’t be in the same city, I’ll be toasting with her on the 4th of July.








So cheers to my favorite girl around. Here’s to making some new memories and taking more pictures when we’re together!


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