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What Makes A Good Partner

It’s not all roses and butterflies. It’s a mix of hard work, commitment, and the decision that you’re sticking with your person each day. Some days it’s easy, so easy and so fun. Other days it’s hard to even care about them, let alone love them. But when you find someone who’s worth it all, even on their worse day, you can still see the good in them and remember why you love them so much.IMG_2123

A good partner no matter the person needs to be patient, open, loving, kind, understanding, compassionate, passionate, happy, and supportive, but above all, a team player. I’m beginning to think the more and more we see of someone, the better we know them, who they are, what makes them them, and how to love them better. Yes, we want that instant spark, but what I realize is the hot, burning ember which doesn’t flame up often, is so much more important. It can stand the test of wind, a little bit of rain, even the occasional foot that strays too close. It’s the aspect of the relationship which makes it stand the test of time. Being a team player is so much more than just being there and showing up. It’s being equally invested in yourself but your partner. It’s caring just as much about your future and happiness as your partner’s, but more than that, it’s the fact that a team player will strive to help both parties grow and achieve in the best ways possible.


A team player will be there for it all; the good, the bad; the laughing, the tears; the love and the hate; the fear and the triumph; a team player isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty making you whole again and they’re not afraid of the baggage that comes with you.

Yea, it’s nice to have someone who’s a romantic, loving, compassionate, and all the other lines we get fed over the years, but it’s so easy to lose that part of ourselves through the coldness of those around us. We build walls and barriers to protect ourselves. It’s so easy to forget we once were just as loving and capable of romance and compassion because of the negative left over. A team player makes you forget about all the crappy parts of relationships and reminds you you’re armed with someone who’s going to pull you through the mud too and get through to you.


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