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Real Life Started Yesterday

Yes, we all think that after we graduate we becomes adults, but the reality is, it’s once we start making decisions that are no longer “does this shirt look _____ enough?” the questions become “do I really need to buy another pair of heels?” The questions becomes about budgets and expenses, is this appropriate for work, am I going to be taken seriously and professionally. The questions, regardless of what level of school you’re in, make you a real adult. Maybe you’re lucky and your parents are still paying for your higher education, and maybe not, but what’s key here is that fact that you’re not longer a naive, foolish child. You are accountable for your actions. You must start to act your age, rather than how you feel like acting.


For all those young adults, men and women alike, who play the games of “how blackout drunk can I get” and “am I not being slutty enough/how’s my game tonight” the reality check is here and now. Stop. Grow up and act your age. Don’t be that person who still plays the games of a high school/college freshman, who doesn’t know any better. At this point in your life, you have done all that crazy stuff. You’ve experienced it all and it’s time to act better. Yes, it’s so easy for people to find others with the convenience of online dating, and apps and all this. Perhaps call me old school, but anyone who’s looking for a random hook up, just go to a bar for christ’s sake. Don’t waste the time of others by pretending to be interested in someone if you’re just gonna send a “horny” text… it’s just so not becoming.

Where is the romance of the world I grew up believing in? Real adults don’t have the time for the behavior of this generation. I don’t have time for it. I don’t want to worry about being ghosted, or catfished, or any of these other terms which didn’t even exist 10 years ago… my my how the world has changed. We’re no longer in this world where people take the time to get to know each other. They rush into the foolish game of “love” without looking at the relationship with somewhat objective eyes. I guess it’s just hard for someone to live in a world where it’s all about the quick payday rather than the long term investment for a future.


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