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Memorial Day, Let Us Not Forget Why We Celebrate

We all know, memorial day is a day we look forward to each year. It’s the kick off to summer. The day in which we’re allowed to wear white. The first long weekend of the summer which means everyone is headed to the beach.


But we should really take the time to remember why we are celebrating this day. We’re honoring the men and women who gave their lives serving our country in the line of duty. This is for the men and women gone too soon. The cries of the widows and widowers, their children growing up without their parent. The fact that these heroes aren’t around to see the milestones of their legacies, that’s what we’re honoring on this day. To remember while we get to drink beer, spend time with our families and friends, go to the beach, and enjoy the day off, there are many who are coming to see their loved ones at their final resting place; sharing the stories of their lives which have changed since they’ve been gone.

Flags In Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary on May 24, 2012

So take today and enjoy, but remember to take a moment for our fallen heroes.


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