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Throwing Out Big Words… Mortgage, APR, Taxes, Insurance….

How do you navigate the world of adulting?

Most students would benefit from understanding what responsibilities fall to you once you start working. Basic knowledge we take for granted from our parents. I’m still figuring a lot of this out, but luckily google is really handy and keeps me up to speed (kinda).


By far the hardest, but easiest thing I’ve learned so far, is taxes. While it has it’s confusing parts, nothing says you’re an adult than filing and sending them off. It’s a lot more confusing with multiple W-2’s and whatnot, but still with TurboTax (shoutout to them) they make it pretty user friendly.


I’m learning about credit cards and the APR that is applied to them, but hell if I know much beyond that.


Insurance; jesus it’s all levels and types and just so confusing.

But I’ll write more on that next time…. My brain hurts.


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