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Living in a City; do you have what it takes?

Living in a city is costly and expensive, but depending on where you move, it can be affordable. I laugh at this now since I’ve paid essentially an arm and a leg for housing in center city.IMG_1977

When you live in a city, you have a few things to take into consideration; how much you want to pay in rent; what are dealbreakers for your place, what you want to be close to, and in general what each place offers for you, you want to consider the location to work (if that’s an option), you want to consider a lot. Is it worth the hassle? Sometimes it really is. While my place has a lot of parts that make it seem not as nice, it’s got charm and it’s perfect to me. When I looked at this place, I had to factor in a few things; close to grass/a park for the pup, close to work (no more than a 20 minute walk), parking (but that was a negotiable), a full bathroom (haven’t had a bathtub in 2 years), and not crazy expensive.


Not to mention then the price of utilities; sometimes gas is covered, but then you have gas, electric, internet/cable, and sometimes water. On top of that, if you have a pet (like myself) often there are pet deposits- another selling point, no pet fee.

You gotta have patience for a city. Patience knowing parking is impossible. Patience knowing traffic is now a part of life. Patience knowing bills are higher,  but it’s worth the payout. Patience for the noises and unfamiliar world you’ve moved to. But also be patient with yourself. Your life has changed in so many ways. Give yourself the time to adjust. Forgive yourself and laugh. Laugh entirely too much at all the stress that was the move.


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