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Moving Back Home Vs. Trying it Solo?

Is it always worth trying to live by yourself versus coming home, let’s see. There are advantages to both.

Moving Home PROS

  • Cheap/ no rent; can be put toward savings or rent for the future
  • Shared utilities; if your parents make you pay your share
  • Back to where you grew up (can also be a negative); it’s nice to be able to come back home sometimes

Moving Home CONS

  • Living with parents
  • No real privacy and can feel like you’ve stagnated because you’ve come back home
  • Back to where you grew up (can also be a positive); it can feel like you’re trapped all over again

Living Alone PROS

  • Total and utter privacy and freedom
  • You get to live your life how you please
  • Create your own sanctuary

Living Alone CONS

  • Can be lonely (I got a pet for that reason, and a boyfriend ;P )
  • Expensive to live alone; rent is yours alone, as are the bills – utilities and cable, etc


While I personally was never going to move home if I could avoid it, I think some people can benefit from moving back home for a little while. I had too much pride but also respect for myself to do it. I knew if I moved home, it would be so easy to fall back into old habits, and never really get off the ground. I also knew if I moved back, I wouldn’t ever feel that drive to be uncomfortable, and to have fear. I would always feel safe, and as the saying going, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Personally, I needed to get out of my comfort zone and see how I would survive. That’s how I define the success of myself. To how well I can succeed when I know I have to make it or admit failure. As an equestrian, I have deep seeded roots in not falling (read failing) and will do whatever it takes to not come outta the saddle.
Each person gets to create their own path. I’m not one to tell anyone what is right. I know my own personality to know the more someone pushes me to do something, the harder I will fight to not. Because pride. Because arrogance. Because fuck you. I’m not a puppet, I’m not a pawn. I’m my own person and if I want to walk through fire. I will. So I’ve learned. The best I can do is offer my opinion, but I won’t try to sway anyone.


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