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Cost Comparisons of being an adult versus college student

Oh, to be a college student again. We think we know everything, but little do we see how protected and sheltered we are. Our housing is taken care of in our tuition costs, it’s all one lump sum and we don’t have to see it affect our bank account. Any and all money we earn generally goes toward our fun expenses. Books can be bought second hand- or not at all. Food is covered with our ID’s the dining options and meal plans exist so we don’t actually die. So all in all, being a college student is cheap, if you’re not actually footing the bill.


When you’re a young working professional you have so many other things to think about; rent, utilities- cable, water,  gas, and electric, then there’s insurance- health, auto (if you have a car), and of course the fun expenses, which let’s be real, after you pay all those other bills, you have no monies left over. it’s  a sad sad life, but it’s what our reality becomes.


Tell me again, why did we want to grow up so badly?


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