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Mother’s Day; In Honor of the Best Woman Around

It’s all thanks to my mom who’s made me who I am in a big way. I’m a spitting image of her, but not based on our looks. We couldn’t look more different, but we have the same personality. We laugh too much when we’re together. And she’s my best friend. I’m so lucky because she is my best friend. A lot of women have strained relationships with their moms but I don’t have that. She’s the person I talk to about everything with. She’s my go to on a good day and my go to on a bad day. She’s the best travel partner I could ever look for. And we laugh so hard, sometimes we wee our pants.
Yesterday marked the day to celebrate moms all over, but I gotta say, mine hands down is the best.  I can only hope my future daughter looks up to me half the way I look up to my mom. I can only hope I’m half as good a mother as my mom has been to me. IMG_7734IMG_7751IMG_7762IMG_7785





^ When mom came up to meet James! 💜


^ Our 2012 Summer Trip to Thailand


👇🏼 Our last stop; Turks and Caico’s on our Thanksgiving Cruise 2013



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