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Today Isn’t A Day To Mourn, But A Day To Celebrate

Today marks my late grandma’s birthday. She would’ve been 93 today. I have so many amazing memories of her. She wasn’t really the way most grandmas are. Yes, she was always loving and sweet, but she was always a little vain (in the best way possible). She always thought about how her hair would look later, and if her clothes would get dirty. I have two specific memories of a time in which her vanity shone through. *Mind you, I write these stories with a smile because as a kid it didn’t matter that she was vain, she was always there, which is what meant more than anything.*


The first was when she took me to a swimming lesson and didn’t want to actually watch because she was worried the chlorine in the air would make her hair poffy. Finally after a little whining, she agreed to go in and watch. It was a victory for the young’un!


The other memory was when she came to the first barn I was at, Rock Creek Park Horse Center, and when I wanted to lead her back, she looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to bring him to me?” I laugh at this memory now because as a kid I was more than happy to bring him to her, but as I get older I realize she just didn’t have the same love of animals as I did, and do.

But she did love babies; she had the biggest soft spot for little chubby cheeks and rolls of fat. I’m so happy she got to meet Sasha, my lil cousin (niece) before she passed away. She wasn’t just a grandma, she got to be a great-grandma!


So rather than letting today be a day of tears and missing one of the biggest titans in my life, I want to honor her memory and the love she gave us all so unconditionally. I want to think back on the wonderful and amazing memories I have with her because even if I don’t believe in heaven, she did and I know she’s still watching over me each and every day. There are moments in each day, especially as I get older in which I think about her, and how I hope she does see me and see all that I am working toward and how I’ve grown up.


Wherever your spirit may rest, Regina, Jean, Grandma, Ms. England, and countless over names, know you are loved and missed by the mere mortals who live their lives here wishing you were still here to applaud our accomplishments and cheer for us! We’ll never forget you. Each day I’m thankful I at least had, 22 years with you.


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