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Egg. Carrot. Coffee. Which are you?

The story goes as such… a mom boils a pot of water on the stove. She has with her a carrot, an egg, and some coffee beans. She then throws the carrot into the water. After a few minutes she takes it out. Next she throws the egg into the water. She takes it out after 10 minutes. Last, she puts coffee beans in the boiling water.


The mom turns the stove off, and look at the three items before her. She turns to her daughter and says, “look at each of these items. The carrot; once hard and unyielding has become soft and limp. The egg, once delicate and fragile, has become hardened on the inside. But look at the coffee beans, they didn’t change, but instead the water changed for them.

“So are you like the carrot where you seem strong, but at the first sign of heat or challenge, you cannot stand up? Are you like the egg where you are delicate, and at the first sign of adversary, you become hardened on the inside? Or are you like the coffee beans, where you change what is around yourself?”

My take away from this is, life is tough. It doesn’t get easier as we get older. In fact, the more introspective you can be about your own life, will set you up for success. It’s so easy to fall into a place where we are so jaded by the way people are around us, we become the egg. It’s also equally easy to become spineless when people aren’t the best versions of themselves. But what’s toughest is to change the situation while keeping true to ourselves.
So what makes you you?


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