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Somehow taking control of your life is empowering and terrifying

Adulting is more stressful than one can anticipate, but at the same time, it’s so exciting. It’s amazing how we think for so long how we’re waiting for our lives to begin, and what we’re not seeing is that our lives begin as soon as we’re born. We just get so conditioned and stuck in “getting more” we sometimes fail to see “here we are.” There’s something about the golden dream we have in our minds when we’re in school, “oh in five years, my life is going to be like ___________.” When in reality, life rarely plays out like a movie or a TV show, nothing is scripted. Things change in a heartbeat and really it’s what we make of what is in front of us that helps make or break our dreams.

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Yes, obviously if you work hard and put in your time, it would seem only fair to get a payout, but it doesn’t always seem to be the case. I firmly believe in the luck of the draw, sometimes it seems like everything is going in your favor, nothing can get you down, but on the flip side sometimes there are days, weeks, even months where the hits keep coming.


Starting on your own is so empowering, beyond anything anyone will tell you, because finally you have the power to make the decisions. You get to carve a path which is uniquely yours. You get to see the fruits of your labor blossom into something beautiful, and you get to look back, fondly on the hardships to where you are now. You become the master of your domain. How hard you want to work, how invested you become, how much your work becomes your life, all those decisions are dictated by you.

It’s also the most terrifying experience thus far in your lives because you’ve never really been accountable for the outcomes of your decisions. There has always been a safety net for you and making decisions has never really been a fly or die way of thinking, not to say that adulthood is, but it has it moments where you get tested. You see your true set of skills never used before, will you crack under the pressure or will you rise up and show them all what you’re made of?


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