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Snapchat; What in the World

Well as most people know, snapchat is an app which lets you send pictures to your friends (contacts) for up to 10 seconds, but also you can post pics and vids to your own story which can be see by anyone in your list for up to 24 hours. But they have these filters which let you alter your selfie or your picture taking side, which is awesome, but totally scary (if you don’t know it’s gonna happen to you).

But this is my favorite, and they got rid of it 😦


Long eyelashes, and dark lipstick, I would never in actuality, but it was fun to see how I could maybe potentially pull off the goth look. H didn’t take it as well as I did, and his reaction was “what the hell is that”

*sigh* thanks a lot har. Thanks for bursting my bubble that I could pull off the dark look.

But look, it’s so pretty!


Oh well, perhaps, it’ll look better in actuality.


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