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Good Bye to 410 N 32nd Street

Time to start a new chapter. My life on a college campus is finally coming to an end. I’ve signed a lease, dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Time to move from the perfect home I’ve had of the last 5 years at 410 N 32nd Street and moving over to Center City West.



With the end of an era coming to a close, so do all the memories I let linger, never fully giving myself the closure. I now get to walk away; scot free and with nothing holding me back. I get my keys today, and it’s 8 days until I move. The anticipation is building.


I’m bidding farewell to a lot of my adult life so far. Second to my childhood home in Maryland, this is the second longest place I’ve lived. Seven years and it’s seen so many tears, so many memories, so many friends come and go. It’s been my place of refuge and solace, it’s been my prison. It’s been where I grew up. But now it’s time to set my sights on bigger and better dreams. To embrace the world around me, my life is about to change for the best.



Today I get the keys to my place. Today I get to start moving and shaping how the next year of my life is going to be set up, and excited doesn’t even begin to do it justice. We’re down to the final week before my move is complete. It’s going to be a task, but I’m ready. The time has come to what I can do. I guess it helps that I’ve found a great guy who makes me smile on the reg, who makes me laugh more than I thought possible, and a little brown dog who’s a hoot and a half.


Here’s to the start of a new chapter, to bigger and brighter dreams, to living my life the way I want and deserve, and to starting to understand how this thing called ‘life’ works!


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