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It Starts Again… (Part 8)

Our first weekend away and we headed to DC.

If you had asked me when this began, what I was thinking would come of it… I couldn’t tell you, but this was something I’d been looking forward to for a while.

We left Friday night for DC and the only place open around 10:30pm was our local diner. A staple of Bethesda, so we went over there for a quick dinner and were joined by some high schoolers (man we definitely were old) and after dinner we changed and popped over to Gringos and Mariachis where we had a few drinks and then headed home.

Saturday morning we woke up and dressed for the day (including an outfit change for us both!). We headed off to the zoo to 1- find the baby panda Bei Bei (which we succeeded in doing) and 2- to see the lovely animals of the zoo. After our short and sweet adventure, including seeing some lions and tigers, we headed down to the Kennedy Center. 


During the intermission, we wandered to the balcony for a view of DC (one of my faves views ever, see above ^), After the ballet ended we went over to the restaurant across the street and we split a piece of cheesecake together. We headed downtown and popped into Rosa Mexicano before dinner, plus we wanted to spend time together alone.

We popped over to the portrait gallery for a little browsing before dinner at 7. It was my first time there, so that was fun. After we got kicked out, we headed to Graffiato where Mer picked, for our first double date. Dinner was tasty and the company was fun. Post dinner we walked to Milk, an off-shoot of Momofuku for some dessert (a corn cookie- literally cornbread in a cookie form).

Post Dinner at Graffiato (PC; NJES)

Following parting ways with Mer and Matt, we headed to Dupont to see Aliza. We went to go to Public House, but instead ended up a Irish Whiskey Public House, apparently much more our atmosphere for our energy levels. Lemon Drop and I messaged, and she came over to meet Harrison and I for a drink. It was great seeing her, and also letting him talk her ear off for a change (haha). After we finished our drinks, we headed back to Bethesda to pass out.
Sunday AM, we went to the original house of pancakes in Bethesda. Learned a scottish way to each silver dollar pancakes, butter and sugar. Then we went and picked up Bodie and were on our way back to Philly.


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