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Get Outta That Shell…. Live a Little

It’s not easy to change yourself from who you are to who you want to be. But here’s are a few ways in which you can break out of your usual self, and be the person you want to be.


  1. Fake it til you make it; no one can tell you don’t know what you’re doing. None of us know either. So fake that smile. Fake that confidence. Get in on making sure you shine, the rest will fall in place.
  2. Book a trip; go somewhere new. Be brave and set your sights on an exotic and different location. You’ll surprise yourself when you see you’re more prepared for adventure than you think.
  3. Go solo; it might be in your comfort zone to always be around others, but cut that out. Go do something completely alone and embrace it. Contrary to what we might think, most of the world is too self involved to even notice you, so why sit back and do nothing because you’re scared of what others might think.
  4. Seek solace; find something that brings you peace and channel your inner guru to resist the urge to follow your instinct, be that what it may, and do the opposite. Don’t wanna sing karaoke? Take a shot, and get up there.
  5. Laugh; laugh so hard your abs hurt, your cheeks hurt, tears stream down your face, you can’t draw a breath. Amazingly, laughter is truly the best medicine in my book. It can change your mood completely and bring light into your day.


Don’t worry so much about the unknown, just embrace life as it comes and go for the ride.


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