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Open Letter to Friends I’ve Only Just Met

I want to thank you for entering my life and making age seem like just a number. Both professionally and personally, friendships can be hard to come by. True friendships, which stand the test of time. Not all of them are fated to last. Some take more work than others, but I feel it’s worth saying that sometimes the new shiny friendships can last a lifetime.


I will be the first to admit since graduating college, life has gotten more complicated. It’s messier than I ever imagined, and no one is telling you how to live your life. All these decisions fall squarely onto your back, and you’re like ‘shit, I don’t know what I’m doing.’ It’s a blindingly terrifying reality that sets in slowly. And it starts with making friends. It’s not exactly easy to meet people once you leave school. No longer are there a ton of opportunities to meet new folks every 10 weeks (15 if you went to a semester school). You have to go out and meet strangers on your own.


I’m really grateful I have a dog, since I’ve met a lot of new friends through Bodie and playdates. Between Shannon, Carly, Anshu, Neil, Shane, and now Mike, I’ve made friends with these fellow dog people. It’s nice too, because they’re young working professionals/graduating seniors/graduate students, so their lifestyles tend to match mine a little more than the undergraduates. I value their friendship, not only because of the pups, but also because they can relate to my life and how it goes as, essentially a parent.

I want to thank the new friends for being a source of laughter, support, venting, and fun! Between walks around the city, playdates at the park, walking to the other dog park, spa days at Unleashed, and puppy trading, I’m grateful for the expansion of enrichment in my life.


I want to thank my new friends for being brunch buddies, after work drinking companions, snapchat senders, and insta likers. I want to thank my new friends for making me fall in love with this city more than I thought possible. I want to thank my new friends for showing me my life can be what I make of it, and with friends who will drink wine at the park with you on a Friday night, friends who’ll walk with you even in shitty weather, freeze their asses off at the park, laugh when you hide behind them when the dogs come barreling through, and more, it’s worth calling Philly home.


So I thank you.


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