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Adult Hood, Welcome

We live in this bubble as students. Where we don’t always fully grasp what entails being an adult, but also we want the freedom to be as wild and free as we want. We like to think we’re adults, making our own decisions when we’re still tethered to relying on our parents for funding and capital. Once we graduate, we come out with this list of must-haves and unrealistic expectations of how the real world is for us. We think the world owes us something and we’re entitled to be who we think we are, instead of seeing who we really are… plebs, babies, freshmen, newbies.


Nothing is owed to us, in fact, we owe the world. We owe our parents for providing for us for the past 22 years, we owe our professors for pushing us past our limits, we owe our friends for putting up with us at our worse, drunk, crying, and mad selves, we owe our exes for being what we needed (even if it was only temporary) when we needed them and also for the drunk, angry, phone calls, we owe ourselves for growing and changing from being 18 and knowing nothing to being 22 and still knowing not much more. We owe ourselves the patience to know, nothing is learned overnight.

It’s a lot like falling in love, there is absolutely no control, there are no brakes, there is nothing to catch you. You figure it out as you go, fall along the way, get dragged and cut up, but every time you get back up to try again. Each time you get a little better at falling, learn what is going to try to get you, and what is going to help set you apart.


Adulthood is not as glamorous as we imagine as kids. There’s a constant strum of stress which becomes as common as our breath. The stress of the unknown. The stress of the future. The stress of making ends meet. Bills to pay. Saving versus spending. How to understand this “adulting” and how to survive it. Well it’s a learning process, one that has taken all the knowledge we’ve obtained thus far and applying it to totally new experiences. More than that, we’re also learning as we go how to function in society as successful and accomplished individuals.


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