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Open Letter to Everyone Who Has Lost Someone

It gets easier. It never goes away. And sometimes when we start to talk about our person, we get choked up, and bit back the tears. But we get stronger and we live better lives. I don’t tear up nearly as much anymore. I can look back at the pictures and feel the best love. I can tell stories and not feel like I’m drowning in emotion. But then with the people who knew them best, all bets are off.



Tears will fall as the memories are relived. You get choked up when you see the strongest people in your life hold back tears. You can’t help but feel the tears brim up. The laughter turns into tears and suddenly everyone is reflecting. On life. On love. On the dead. On the lost. On how their lives have been lived. You all are lost in your own worlds. Each handles the loss differently, some choose to cry. Some choose to run away from it all. Some seek others while some seek solitude. There is no right way to mourn. There is no set time in which mourning is right.
Somehow when you lose someone, you become kindred spirits with those who have also felt loss. The gaping hole is never truly healed, but slowly friends and family help the process. Memories keep them alive, talking about them and wishing they were there, that’s what makes life important. It doesn’t matter how old you are, loss is staggering. But hold your head up high and don’t be afraid to seek guidance from our dearly departed. I’d like to think they are in fact still haunting us.


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