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Sometimes Winning Isn’t Everything

If you asked me at 18, how I’d handle myself, I would’ve laughed and said, “Like a lady,” and history agrees. I’ve always remembered never to say something cruel and hurtful in the heat of the moment because it can NEVER EVER be rescinded. The momentary feeling of glee and power from wounding your opponent is cut quick when you see the hurt, pain, anger, and betrayal flash through their eyes. Gone forever is the trust you spent time building. Gone is the familiarity and comfort. In a split second walls, barriers, moats, infantry, and generals stand between you and their trust.IMG_1243

In an effort to become a better version of myself, I want to be stronger than I had ever thought possible or expected. Not only do I want to wow the world, I want to wow myself. I want to go above and beyond. A victory can be as simple as getting something checked off your to-do list, or something as big as landing your perceived dream job.


If you asked me at 18, what I’d love doing, I never would’ve guessed that cleaning and grocery shopping were high on my list. I live for my weekends, not only to go out late weekends, but to get in my car, armed with a list, and methodically check off what I  need to restock in my house. I live to vacuum my place each day, the sense of accomplishment and clean clears my head.  I love to organize and make my house more mine than ever before.


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