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Experience is the Best Teacher

If you asked me at 18 who I’d be today, I would be surprised to see who I see in the mirror. I never thought I’d see someone who has broken hearts and had hers broken. I never thought I’d come out stronger than I expected and exceeded the expectations of some. I never thought I’d be jaded and cynical.IMG_8932

I thought I would believe in true love and a romantic love as old as time, but I was taught first hand how wrong my thinking was. I thought I was going to have that unbelievable Disney fairy tale of love. I thought I’d be the exception because I wanted to believe in the power of love. My unbelievably high expectations of people has been and seems to always be proved wrong in which people never step up. My belief of old romance seems to have died with the times, but I remained hopeful to be treated right and respected. I’m not asking to be put on a pedestal, I’m not looking for someone to treat me like a princess (well not every day), but I do demand respect and equality.

My 18-year old else wouldn’t believe this young woman standing before her today. She’s been called “cool” a phrase never uttered in her formidable years as a teen. Yet here she is, being called cool, being desired, and feeling like she can take on the world. Nothing scares her, well that’s not true, there’s still a lot which gets into her head, but she’s developed a cool and calm manner of dealing with it. She’s learned to channel the charm and engage flawlessly. She turns on her smile and the world falls to their knees.

Nothing humbles you quicker than learning you don’t have all the facts. And nothing raises you up better than seeing a look of love. IMG_0292


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