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Find Out Who Your Friends Are… Through the Tough Times

Over the years I’ve lost touch with friends, I’ve ended friendships and I’ve started new friendships, but what remains constant are the friends who’ve stood by me through it all. We may be in different cities and living different lives, but I know I can count on them for anything!IMG_8928

I have an old co-worker who has been going through some tough times with the job and also in her personal life and without a doubt, I’m there for her. She’s one of my favorite people who’s taught me so much and has always treated me as a friend (something my old job didn’t believe in) and no matter what, I have her back. She’s always got a place to stay and a listening ear.IMG_8315

I feel the same with my friends as well though, since the long-term break up, my bestie sent me half a dozen mini cupcakes and an inspirational letter to help me make sense of the loss. I was able to call and chat with my various college and hometown friends, to cry to and then to vent, and then to laugh with. I had a support system that spanned beyond the city and I felt the love. I didn’t need to retreat, I did, but in my own fashion. I’ve learned sometimes being strong is the only option you have.

Your friends can inspire you to be great again. They make you laugh. They bring out the happy in your eyes. The spark comes back. The memories and laughter. It’s what makes friendship so important to life.


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