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5 Years Have Passed, What Do I Have to Show?


It’s interesting to look back on who you were only 5 years ago, and see how much you’ve grown and changed. Not everyone has the introspection and some people just don’t want to, which is fine. But I think when you can take a step back and reflect on the challenges you overcame, and the triumphs you celebrated, it shows us no matter how old we get, we are constantly experiencing change. Doesn’t mean it has to be big or life-altering, it can be the decision to try something new or face a fear.

We wait so long because we’re always waiting for our “real” life to start, guess what? It’s been going on for 20+ years now and we’re just sitting idly by. I think we (millennials) need to stop romanticizing the idea of “the future” and realize our lives are passing us by as we wait for everything to just fall into place. Nothing ever worth keeping is ever just handed to you. You bust your ass. You work til your fingers bleed. You work with no sleep and tons of coffee. You don’t give up until you made it according to you. Nowadays it seems so many are willing to complain about how it’s not enough for them, but fail to put in the time and effort to make it worth their time. If people worked half as hard as they complained, maybe the world would be in a better place.


5 years down the road and I’ve developed a backbone. 5 years down the road and I’m not afraid to get political (although I prefer to avoid it). 5 years down the road and I’m becoming stronger with each passing month. I also think I have to contribute my ability to step into my adult shoes with having a solid group of friends who have inspired and shaped me. I might not have the biggest circle of friends, but for those who have stayed in my life over the years, I know have my back. They’ve laughed and cried with me, they’ve come through in my toughest hours and cheered for me in my brightest. I can honestly say that life has been improved having known the influences in my life. I’ve started to branch out and make friends who live in the same city as me, both work friends and pup friends. I believe I’ve learned a little more in how to make friendships last longer instead of having transient ones. 5 years and I’m beginning to really like who’s coming out of the wood work.


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