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A Glimpse Into Their Minds

What was it about her that caught my eye? The way she laughed, a gentle breeze through the air. Her kind, soft hazel eyes, sparkling as she looked across the room. Her eyes flicked across my gaze and I ducked- warm cheeks from being caught looking at this woman.

‘Dare I look up?’ Not a chance.

I had committed to memory- her hair falling to her shoulders- shiny and flowy, the dark blue dress which outlined her athletic frame. The subtle and seemingly permanent tan on her arms and sun-kissed cheeks.

Lord knows I didn’t stand a chance…


The hair on my neck stood up. I felt tense and slightly unnerved. This was unusual. Melissa cracked a joke, something terribly not appropriate to be repeated causing up to bust out in laughter. At this moment in time, I took a chance to scan the bar. Nothing stuck out, but there was one loner sitting a few feet away. As our eyes locked for a split second, he ducked his gaze. My guard flared. I wasn’t used to making someone feel uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable- feeling like an imposter in this silly outside.

Damn Melissa for her encouragement.

‘Looking so bad no one will look me in the eye. Tell me again why I agreed to this?’ What little confidence I gained with my vodka tonic had quickly faded away. I was ready to call it a night


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